Hi, I'm Rudi, i'm 8 years old and my favourite book is 'Tarka the Otter' by Henry Williamson. Its about the life of an otter named Tarka and British Wildlife. One night i was reading the book with my dad and i said that i wanted to see all the animals in the book, he said i should do it and call it the Tarka Challenge. My Tarka Challenge started on 1st January 2012. The book contains 89 birds, 54 land based animals, 120 plants and 56 aquatic organisms.

The rules are simple, i must either see each thing myself or photograph it using my trail camera. I will try and see each thing on my local patch (Ogmore River Catchment) but may need to look somewhere else in Britain.

Buzzard Bingo

We have invented a new game we play when going on car journeys. The first one to see a Buzzard has to shout "Buteo buteo" (the scientific name for the buzzard). The game doesnt usually last very long which is good because it means that there are lots of Buzzards about.

Learn more about Buzzards - http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/b/buzzard/index.aspx

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