Hi, I'm Rudi, i'm 8 years old and my favourite book is 'Tarka the Otter' by Henry Williamson. Its about the life of an otter named Tarka and British Wildlife. One night i was reading the book with my dad and i said that i wanted to see all the animals in the book, he said i should do it and call it the Tarka Challenge. My Tarka Challenge started on 1st January 2012. The book contains 89 birds, 54 land based animals, 120 plants and 56 aquatic organisms.

The rules are simple, i must either see each thing myself or photograph it using my trail camera. I will try and see each thing on my local patch (Ogmore River Catchment) but may need to look somewhere else in Britain.

A walk around the coast and some roadkill

We've had a few walks, out and about around the coast. We saw the Rooks in the Rookery building thier nests.

This Pied Wagtail was flying around by the river.

We saw our first Primrose and Wild Daffodils which were our first flowers ticked off the list.

Walking through the woods we found a Badger sett. The Badgers must have been busy digging because there was lots of fresh earth lying around.

Down by the river we watched the swan's at sunset.

Our next thing we found was very sad. My dad found a Weasel that had been killed on a country lane. I ticked it off my list even though it was dead because they are very hard to see alive. I hope one day i will be able to film one with my camera. If you have never seen a weasel before you will probably be suprised by how small they are. This one was about the size of a chocolate bar, but they are the perfect killing machines. Sadly like a lot of countryside animals, this was killed by a car.

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  1. Hello Rudi! Me and rhi have just spent an hour looking thru ALL of this site.... It's amazing! We've sent a link so Meurig can see it, he'll probably see it next week, he's very busy this weekend with lots of lambs being born! See you soon :-)
    Neil and Rhiannon