Hi, I'm Rudi, i'm 8 years old and my favourite book is 'Tarka the Otter' by Henry Williamson. Its about the life of an otter named Tarka and British Wildlife. One night i was reading the book with my dad and i said that i wanted to see all the animals in the book, he said i should do it and call it the Tarka Challenge. My Tarka Challenge started on 1st January 2012. The book contains 89 birds, 54 land based animals, 120 plants and 56 aquatic organisms.

The rules are simple, i must either see each thing myself or photograph it using my trail camera. I will try and see each thing on my local patch (Ogmore River Catchment) but may need to look somewhere else in Britain.

Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel - Sciurus vulgaris

We watched these squirrels at a nature reserve (near the Coran Ferry) in Scotland. We were attacked by midges (biting flies) while watching and had to run back to the car, it was ok though because we could still see them from the car.

Its quite hard to see Red Squirrels in the UK as the Grey Squirrel (not native) has driven them away by eating all their food. They are really cute and funny to watch. A squirrel lives in a Drey, which is like a football shaped nest in tress made out of twigs. In the film you can see them eating peanuts out of special squirrel feeding boxes.

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